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Integrated computer forensics software
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Investigator version of X-Ways Forensics
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Hex editor, disk editor, RAM editor
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Disk imaging
Find out more about X-Ways Capture X-Ways Capture
Seize evidence
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User activity
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Data recovery
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Permanent erasure

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Stefan Fleischmann - CEO

Stefan Fleischmann serves as Chief Executive Officer of X-Ways Software Technology AG, a German stock corporation operated from Cologne. Stefan originally started a software development business (sole proprietorship) in 2000 while being a student at the University of Münster. He received the German equivalent of a Master's degree in Information Systems in 2001. While working for Micronas, a semiconductor company, where one of his tasks was to train employees internationally in SAP software, he started X-Ways corporation in April 2002 and concentrated on the computer forensics aspect of his software WinHex. In 2004, the forensic edition of that software, X-Ways Forensics, was released, and Stefan expanded the business into the computer forensics training field. Stefan has personally trained law enforcement officers, federal government personnel, tax fraud investigators and private sector forensic examiners in the USA, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Australia and the UK, and supervises and participates in continued development of the company's software. With more than 32,000 users worldwide, X-Ways Software Technology considers itself the leading supplier of computer forensics software in Europe. In 2007, Stefan Fleischmann was appointed professor at the China Fangwei Institute of Technology. Stefan is also an associate member of IACIS (International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists). His Chinese name is 史德凡, his name in Japanese is ステファン フライシュマン.

Last updated in 2007.

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