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New Features of
WinHex 10.0

  • A scripting feature has been added. Most of the functionality of WinHex can now be used in an automated way, e.g. to speed up recurring routine tasks or to perform certain tasks on unattended remote computers. The ability to execute scripts other than the supplied sample scripts will be limited to owners of a professional license. Scripts can be run from the Start Center or the command line. While a script is executed, you may press Esc to abort. With its wider range of application, scripting supersedes the Routine feature known from previous WinHex versions. Find out more about scripts in the program help. 

  • Modified bytes are optionally highlighted (displayed in a different color).

  • When viewing the sectors that contain the file allocation tables of logical drives (FAT12, FAT16, or FAT32), you will be shown the meaning of each table entry (next cluster in the chain, end marker, etc.) in the details panel.

  • WinHex now allows to compare not only files, but also disks, using File Manager | Compare. You may also start a comparison at different offsets within the files/disks.

  • Appropriate menu commands and some former “general” options have been moved to the new View menu.

  • WinHex now keeps a history of your offset jumps within an edit window and allows to go back and foward in the chain later.

  • WinHex can check for additional sectors at the end of physical disks now also under Windows 9x/Me, and thus possibly access sectors that would have remained undetected otherwise.

  • You can now use the Replace command on logical drives and physical disks when in in-place edit mode.

  • The details panel's context menu was extended for logical drives.

  • The project and script lists in the Start Center have a context menu.

  • When carrying out long operations, WinHex often can give you an idea about the remaining time in minutes.

  • Makes use of new file selection dialogs in Windows Me, 2000, and XP.

  • A bug in the Synchronize & Compare function was fixed. Also, this function no longer synchronizes on absolute offsets, but maintains the initial distance between the offsets of the first shown byte in each of the two windows while scrolling.

  • In the Set Disk Parameters dialog, WinHex lets you specify how many total sectors to assume on a physical hard disk. (v9.92 SR-2)

  • Compiler upgrade

  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

Upgrading to WinHex 10.0 is free for all registered users who purchased WinHex 9.5 or later (e.g. online later than July 7th 2000). If you do not qualify any more, you can upgrade online now.

When purchasing or upgrading to the current version, future versions will be free for you for at least 15 months.